LMT Launcher

App that allows you to totally customize your phone

  • Category Personalization
  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name com.android.lmt
  • Program by Android

LMT Launcher provides a new way to interact with your Android device.

LMT Launcher gives you the power to access your Android smartphone or tablet in a completely new way. When you initiate the launcher, you bring up a half-circle or pie menu that’s docked to the side of the device. Within this pie menu are shortcuts. Default shortcuts include a Wi-Fi toggle as well as basic multimedia controls, and the pie overlay works with other apps.

The pie menu is fully customizable. You can add shortcuts to apps but also processes and practically any activity that’s supported on your device. You’re also able to nest pie items. At level one, you could have a small menu item for multimedia players, for instance, and when you touch that, it can expand out into all of the different multimedia players that you use.

LMT Launcher also gives you great control over how you access it. You can dictate if it’s docked to the top, bottom, left or right of your device or a corner, and that setting can change contextually with landscape and portrait mode. You can also dictate how you bring the menu up. Perhaps you prefer a tap, drag or gesture or interaction with a particular part of the screen.

Customization can be a bit cumbersome since you have to define and customize each pie item at each level. As you nest items, this can result in a significant amount of work. If you like the LMT Launcher approach, however, that effort will certainly pay dividends with faster access to practically anything.


  • Customizable shortcuts launcher
  • Access all kinds of activities with just a tap
  • Home screen and theme customization


  • Customization a bit cumbersome